• “Heart to Heart is the model that all other organizations emulate for delivering sustainable cardiac surgery to needy children in the world. Heart to Heart’s approach and accomplishments are to be admired and applauded by the global community.”

    James L. Cox, MD
    President Emeritus, American Association for Thoracic Surgery
  • “Operate on a child and you save a life. Teach a team
    to operate and you save thousands of children’s lives.
    Build a national infrastructure, and you save tens of thousands of lives.”

    Josie Everett, Executive Director
    Heart to Heart Global Cardiac Care

    “Heart to Heart’s success should not be measured by the number of successful operations during any given mission, but by the successful operations that our colleagues perform after we leave.”

    Gary Raff, MD
    Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, UC Davis Medical Center

 Our program model

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Our work in Russia

bullet-dot 7 centers

bullet-dot 500+ physicians

bullet-dot 20,000+ children

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