Many organizations do good work. Heart to Heart is small, but their impact is altogether disproportionate to their size. Their educational model is so valuable. It’s gratifying to realize that our financial support is a long-term investment in accomplishing real and permanent good.
— Judith Ahrens-Watkins Former President, Thayer-Townsend Foundation The Estate of Nika Pleshkova Thayer

2,974 Children

Nearly 3,000 children were saved by pediatric cardiac specialists trained by Heart to Heart in Tomsk during our seven-year collaboration.


Heart to Heart’s cash investment to reach self-sustainability at our Tomsk site totaled $766,110 (2006 to 2012), representing 23% of total program value. The remaining 77% consisted of goods and services donated to Heart to Heart.

$1 Million

Together our medical volunteers provide over $1 million in services pro bono each year.


Why invest a million dollars?

To learn why someone would invest in a small international humanitarian aid organization we asked our million-dollar donors to share with us what it was that convinced them to contribute $1M or more to Heart to Heart. We learned that there were three common threads behind their giving. Donors cited:

  • our unique ability to consistently develop advanced, self-sustaining children’s heart programs

  • the cost-effectiveness of our program model

  • confidence knowing the vast majority of their donation would go directly to programs

What makes our programs so cost-effective?

Because our program model is designed to lead to self-sustainability, once our skills transfer work is complete – a period of about 5-7 years – Heart to Heart can move on to other locations and help other new teams working to develop new heart centers for children in need of surgery. Once Heart to Heart has trained a new team of specialists and a partner site becomes self-sustaining, we no longer absorb the costs of providing strategic guidance year-round or international travel for 15 persons annually.

Your money goes to program

Your money is a scarce resource and a powerful tool. When you choose which charity you donate to, you are actually also choosing how it will be spent: will your money be spent on marketing campaigns or on program? Heart to Heart is a small, well-established organization made up of cardiac specialists and non-profit professionals. Together we focus on implementing a forward-thinking program model that has already been proven to be replicable and scalable. So every gift you give becomes part of a life-saving legacy.

Don’t have a million dollars? 
Every dollar is meaningful and will be put to good use. Help us develop new programs to save a child’s life now, and thousands more in the future.