Rose’s first surgical-educational mission with Heart to Heart was to Samara in July 2004. Since then, she has been a team member on eleven more trips. She interviews parents, chronicles each mission, interprets and serves as general factotum. Between trips, Rose develops additional program materials. In 2006, she wrote our first Medical Volunteer Handbook. Her succession of highly-practical sections concludes with Rose’s Story, a detailed recollection of her first experience observing open heart surgery. Her brief introduction to that story presages her extraordinary commitment: “My first experience in Samara with Heart to Heart was absorbing, astonishing, profound. I am humbled by the enormity of describing it, because of what I witnessed and experienced – well, it’s incomparable. I didn’t know it then, but the trip was the beginning of my engagement with a hitherto unimagined world.” Rose holds a PhD in Russian History from the University of Chicago, which she put to good use teaching Russian history at various universities for 25 years, including UC Berkeley. She then ventured into the “real world” to work with émigrés from the former Soviet Union for six years. She then moved to Moscow, to work for the Ford Foundation, which developed her interest in humanitarian work. Upon her return to the SF Bay Area, Rose began her involvement with Heart to Heart. She is the author of two books, one on Russian working class women and the other on the daughters of American feminists. Rose has also recently published a translation of a historical biography: Agnessa: From Paradise to Purgatory, A Voice from Stalin’s Russia