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Sharing experience, saving lives

At the core of Heart to Heart’s work is our education-based program model. To help our centers become independent within 5-7 years, we often sponsor Russian physicians from our developing sites to travel to […]

Putting children first

For the past 25 years Heart to Heart’s volunteers have been training Russian surgical teams to perform complex cardiac surgery, with an emphasis on infants and newborns. Heart to Heart-trained Russian teams have provided 16,000 […]

Mar 20, 2014|Board|

Our new partner site in Russia

In September 2013, we conducted our first mission to Kaliningrad, the site of our newest collaboration – our sixth in Russia. The Kaliningrad Federal Cardiac Center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, operating rooms, […]

Meet our new board member Dr. Cetta

Dr. Frank Cetta, Division Chair of Pediatric Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic, was elected to Heart to Heart’s governing board in July 2013.
Dr. Cetta began serving as a Heart to Heart medical volunteer in […]

Aug 30, 2013|Board|