Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Heart to Heart’s volunteers have already trained over 500 medical professionals, who in turn have saved the lives of over 30,000 children.

As we continue to train new pediatric cardiac specialists, thousands more children born with heart defects get a second chance at life. By ensuring that our partner sites become self-sustaining, the number of children we save continues to grow exponentially.

Replicable and Scalable: Giving Every Child a Chance

It shouldn’t matter where a baby with congenital heart disease is born – every baby should have access to the life-saving treatments that have been saving millions of American children for decades. After initial success in St. Petersburg, Heart to Heart replicated its program model at several partner sites in major metropolitan areas. By scaling our program model to encompass Russia’s vast territory, Heart to Heart has demonstrated that the cure to childhood heart disease can be taught in an amazingly cost-effective way to save tens of thousands – and even potentially millions – of children from this life-threatening but highly treatable disease. Support us as we expand throughout Latin America.



Access to pediatric cardiac care in Russia: then and now

When Heart to Heart began our work in Russia in 1989, Russian families outside of Moscow had extremely limited access to life-saving heart care for their children.


29,000+ children saved

by Russian pediatric cardiac teams trained by Heart to Heart.


500+ medical professionals

across Russia that Heart to Heart has trained to become advanced pediatric cardiac specialists capable of treating any child with CHD.


127 million people with access

to timely life-saving heart care for their children in the world’s largest country.


1/4 of all open heart surgeries performed on newborns

in Russia take place at Heart to Heart’s partner sites. By working in Russia for 30 years to build their capacity to manage CHD nationwide, Heart to Heart has given tens of millions of families access to life-saving heart care in their region for the first time. Children living in five major geopolitical regions of Russia – spanning 3,463,000 square miles – can now receive timely cardiac care.