300+ Volunteers

Over three hundred medical volunteers from leading U.S. children’s heart centers have traveled to Russia and Latin America with Heart to Heart since 1989. Most return many times. One veteran volunteer describes her work with Heart to Heart as “the highest and best use” of her time and expertise.

250+ Teaching and Training Hours

Over two hundred and fifty teaching and training hours are donated by our expert medical volunteers during each surgical-educational mission. Our teaching involves a progressive overview of pediatric cardiac medicine in classroom setting, where learners benefit from presentations tailored for their team. Our hands-on training allows each learner to apply new knowledge under the supervision of one of our highly-experienced specialists.

Volunteer Commitment

Heart to Heart Global Cardiac Care is volunteer-driven charity organization. Without our volunteers, we would not have been able to develop self-sustaining pediatric heart programs where the lives of almost 30,000 children have already been saved. Over the past 30 years, several hundred volunteers have supported us with their faith, kindness, and hard work.

Some of our volunteers will never know or meet the children they have helped save; others travel half a world away and work day and night to literally save the lives of dying children. Your donation enables them to provide free cardiac care to children waiting for heart surgery.

Our medical volunteers, all highly experienced practicing cardiac specialists, return to our partner sites year after year – working with compassion and respect for our colleagues to develop self-sustaining programs. Our volunteers are driven to help because they can see for themselves the dramatic impact they have when they contribute their teaching and cardiac expertise within the framework of Heart to Heart’s program model. Many of them have made a long-term commitment to travel annually to a site until it reaches self-sustainability. They also provide year-round data analysis and support from the U.S., including patient consultations. Our medical volunteers also host our Russian and Latin American colleagues to observe established cardiac teams at renowned U.S. centers, for first-hand exposure to world-class children’s heart programs. Our administrative volunteers do everything it takes to support their work and to document Heart to Heart’s progress.