Scott Parker, 
Board Member

“My son Ben was given a full, healthy life as a result of his timely diagnosis and treatment. As a board member with Heart to Heart, I enjoy doing what I can to give more children born with heart defects to treatment they need to live a life with no limitations. There can be no better gift.”

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Like many of our strong supporters, Scott Parker’s introduction to Heart to Heart began with a personal experience with heart disease. When his oldest son Ben was born, Scott and Kay Parker learned that their newborn baby had a severe heart defect and would require immediate open heart surgery. Soon after, they met Heart to Heart founder, Nilas Young, MD, who performed Ben’s life-saving operation. The Parkers experienced firsthand the power of heart care to “transform and save lives” – giving Ben the gift of life, and the Parkers a healthy son to love and raise.

Over three decades have passed since that fateful operation: Scott and his wife Kay have been Heart to Heart/niks ever since that life-changing day.  After years of supporting our mission from the sidelines, Scott is now actively participating in Heart to Heart’s mission to create more happy endings – like Ben’s – for babies born with heart defects around the world.

A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Scott serves as COO of Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, USA in Silicon Valley. He is known around his office as the “turnaround guy” for his ability to help businesses navigate their way through organizational change. Scott also has vast experience in marketing and sales for high-tech products including fiberoptic networks and lasers. He puts heart into his own business ventures by tackling challenges with focus and integrity, and by building strong relationships with clientele and community. Scott’s business acumen, creative problem-solving, and consensus-building will be indispensable for Heart to Heart as we continue to expand globally.