Shalu Saluja, Esq.
Board Chair

“Heart to Heart’s approach is so distinct from that of other cardiac aid organizations. The thread, the impact of Heart to Heart teams in every community where they’ve worked, is so strong. Today and for the future, their life-saving legacy is incomparable.”


Shalu Saluja has been an ardent supporter of Heart to Heart since 1998, when our founder, Nilas Young, MD, performed emergency open heart surgery on Shalu’s husband Hersh, saving his life. Shortly after the surgery, Shalu learned that Dr. Young was also focusing his skills on developing access to heart care for children and adults in underserved parts of the world. Two decades later, Shalu and Hersh remain generous and thoughtful benefactors of Heart to Heart, providing ongoing financial support and more. The Salujas hosted and underwrote our 25th anniversary celebration, highlighted by the formal announcement of Heart to Heart’s global expansion.

Family and education have long been Shalu’s twin priorities. She co-chaired a multi-year capital campaign for Mark Day School in Marin County, and now brings to Heart to Heart her impassioned eloquence in support of worthy causes, and her expertise in connecting with individual donors. Because of her husband’s cardiac emergency, Shalu feels acutely the fear and frustration of families where anyone—a baby, a teenager, a spouse—can suddenly be affected by a life-threatening heart condition.

Shalu graduated from UC Berkeley Boalt School of Law. At San Francisco law firm Thelen, LLP, she practiced commercial litigation for several years before moving on to establish Future Unlimited, providing professional services for the Department of Energy. She currently serves as chief administrative officer and general counsel for E2 Consulting Engineers. Founded in 1988, the company manages large-scale energy projects for municipal and federal clients, as well as for public utilities.

From 2015–2017, Shalu served as board president at Mark Day School, where she continues to serve as a trustee. She is an avid downhill skier. She enjoys international travel and speaks several languages, including Hindi, Italian, and Spanish.